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Liquid Faith
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Liquid Faith The Northern Divide aka James Mitcham has truly won me over as an artist. Ranging from fast moving jam beats to slow frozen drones, you never know what your going to get.
Z is an outstanding album to say the least. A mixture of charged beats mixed with surreal slower tracks that just never lets you down. Any fan of great electronic music will be blown away by this record. Music rising from the ether of some strange island unto itself. Z is a masterpiece by a far underrated artist! Favorite track: Tropical Lament.
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ReptarTheMighty Finding a quality drone artist has been more difficult than I would have thought. /\/orthern Di\/ide really stands out as someone who can take on the genre seriously and deliver. Favorite track: The Green Hell.


"There was no epiphany, no bolt of lightning. Rather, the theory developed over time, with a clue here and a clue there, in fits and starts and with unexpected turns, the trail of evidence reaching as far back as his days in Ceylon. At Fort Frederick, Fawcett had first learned that it was possible for a great kingdom to seclude itself in the jungle and, after time had taken its inexorable toll, for its palaces and thoroughfares to vanish under the creeping vines and roots. But the notion of Z--of a lost civilization concealed in the Amazon--began to truly take hold when Fawcett encountered the hostile Indians he had been warned to avoid at all costs."
-Excerpt from The Lost City of Z by David Grann

"I think Z as a whole is a little more ‘in its groove’ than its predecessor"
-Billy Leonard


released May 23, 2016

All music by The Northern Divide
Cover Image by Chris D. Mitcham

Creative commons attribution licensed recordings and samples credit listed in track info.




The Northern Divide Baltimore, Maryland

The Northern Divide offers two divisions of musical expression. On certain albums the listener will find rich droning landscapes painting time, place and nature.

On other albums curious ears will find melody driven blends of breakcore/drum & bass inspired percussion laid over growling synthesizers and delicate leads.

Signed to Black Dingo Records.
See Duff Egan's page below.
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